ICT Support Services

Our mission is quite simple – to provide Outstanding ICT Support for Schools.

The PEL IT Support Service provides a local, familiar, on-site presence together with an integrated remote management solution, delivering a high-quality, responsive and personalised ICT service.

As specialists in education, our services are focused on the core priorities of an education establishment. It is imperative that ICT services be fluid and adaptable to the changing demands of the school environment. We take a pro-active approach to the planning, development and management of the ICT service and develop a tailored delivery structure to each of our schools’ requirements.

If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss which support package would best fit your school, please get in contact via our contact page.

Our comprehensive support service covers any ICT related issues you may experience with school equipment, including some (real) recent examples:

“I need to download the internet to my laptop”

“I just finished a Zoom meeting, walked off to do something, came back and the screen of my laptop was smashed”

“The copier hasn’t worked since we unplugged it to use the laminator”