Strategy Development

School Level

An area of priority for all of our supported schools and a service we are able to provide to any school on a discrete project-basis is the development of a three-to-five-year ICT strategy. Partnership Education believes that having a clear strategy in place should be the starting point for any programme of investment or development and allows proactive decision making and planning, leading to better end results. 


It can be difficult for school IT Managers to step back from the day-to-day maintenance of the network and support of users to make wider assessments and long-term plans. This can however lead to reactive decision making, reactive spend/budgeting and inefficient use of available resources in the long run, making it difficult for ICT to deliver to a school’s long-term objectives. 


MAT Level

On top of facing the above issues at each of their individual schools, MATs face a range of wider challenges in managing ICT at a central level, ensuring minimum standards and compliance are maintained across the board while improving outcomes and utilising economies of scale where appropriate. These challenges may include:

The Approach

Our reviews take a two-pronged approach to strategy development, working both “top-down” (Identification of ICT Vision, Long term objectives) and “bottom-up” (technical reviews, risk assessments and user feedback gathering) before working with the school to develop a plan which can align those two components with a costed three-to-five-year development programme. This will include:


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