Matt Perrett
Managing Director
EdTech Human & Dad of 2
Interests & Hobbies Music, Chelsea and Cheese
Likes Spreadsheets
Dislikes Love Island
Special Moves Analogies

Tom Winchester
The Oracle
Interests & Hobbies Running
Likes Apple Air Pods
Dislikes Hair Products
Special Moves Tracking timesheets

Matt Hulbert
Always providing outstanding service with a smile!
Interests & Hobbies Craft beer and burger enthusiast
Likes GAM scripting
Dislikes PAT Testing
Special Moves Smelling nice

Ash Turner
Supporting EdTech in Schools
Interests & Hobbies Nature Walks, Football and Liverpool FC
Likes Penalties
Dislikes Blue Screens
Special Moves Google & Microsoft Training

Gayle Cowie
Procurement Manager
Animal Lover
Interests & Hobbies Running a small zoo
Likes Cats
Dislikes Hunting
Special Moves Bargain Hunting

Ben O’Brien
Head of Professional Services
Mr Efficiency
Interests & Hobbies Food, Drink and Sports
Likes Process, Structure and Spreadsheets
Dislikes Avocadoes
Special Moves IT Strategies and Hipster Coffee

Sam Howe
Senior Engineer
The Task Master
Interests & Hobbies Cricket, Cycling, Sleeping
Likes Lloyd's Videos
Dislikes Ticket Breaches
Special Moves Falling off bikes, walking into doors

Chris Hill
Mr. Attention to Detail
Interests & Hobbies Tea & Classic British Comedy
Likes All things Google
Dislikes Disorganisation
Special Moves Obsessive use of label printer

Gareth Gardiner
Big G
Interests & Hobbies Gym, Gaming
Likes Protein
Dislikes Egg yolk
Special Moves Shifting a UPS with one hand

Liam Donohoe
The OG Liam
Interests & Hobbies Football, Guitar
Likes Cars, Music & a Friday Night Curry
Dislikes The fact I can't grow a beard
Special Moves A wiz in the kitchen

John Corbel
Mr. Nice Guy
Interests & Hobbies Cooking
Likes Aircrafts
Dislikes Furniture moves
Special Moves Paul Hollywood Stunt Double

Paul Del Busso
Script guy
Interests & Hobbies Being a Daddy
Likes Automation
Dislikes Repetitive tasks
Special Moves Powershell

Jordan Beddoe
Interests & Hobbies Gaming & tech
Likes Hanging out with friends
Dislikes Apple
Special Moves Listening

Liam Bond
Such a nice chap
Interests & Hobbies Cars, Tech
Likes Dogs
Dislikes Gossip
Special Moves Kindness

David Lee
The Perfectionist
Interests & Hobbies Music & Man Utd
Likes Curry
Dislikes Pierce Brosnan
Special Moves The Perfect Kick Drum

Ciaran Brennan
Professional, committed, injury prone
Interests & Hobbies Music, Travel, Sport
Likes Office 365
Dislikes Injustice
Special Moves SARs

Charlie Weddell
Digital Marketer
Interests & Hobbies Social Media and spending quality time with friends
Likes Bulldogs, Lashes and Post-It notes
Dislikes Putting petrol in my car and bad skin days
Special Moves Speaking incredibly quickly

Chris Green
Chris G
Interests & Hobbies Gym, Travelling, Gaming & Piano - Always in that order
Likes Countering anger with kindness, & Rocket League - Don't judge me
Dislikes Pistachios that Don't open
Special Moves I can do a headstand for at least 46 minutes

James Hill
James Hill
Interests & Hobbies Fixing cars
Likes When a plan works
Dislikes When a plan doesn't work
Special Moves Adapt, Improvise, Overcome

Kieran Gentle
The Noob with mad skills
Interests & Hobbies Golf and Photography
Likes Apple Products
Dislikes Android
Special Moves Best and only quiff in PEL

Kyle Morris
Troubleshooting Wizard
Interests & Hobbies Gaming, Music & Sport
Likes F1
Dislikes Printers
Special Moves Chromebook enrolment

Leon Bingireki
Interests & Hobbies DJ'ing and Producing
Likes Music
Dislikes Vikings
Special Moves Chromebook enrolling

Liam Page
Interests & Hobbies Most things geeky, Family time and Gaming
Likes Lipton Ice Tea
Dislikes Drivers that drive with their fog lights on when there's no fog
Special Moves File and folder organising

Lizzie Emery
Digital Marketer
Interests & Hobbies Shopping & travelling
Likes Warm weather
Dislikes Waking up early
Special Moves Has known all the lyrics to Dancing Queen since the age of 4

Marcin Stankiewicz
Interests & Hobbies History
Likes Sleeping, nature walking
Dislikes Broccoli, pollution
Special Moves Snoring

Morgan Reddy
Morgan Reddy
Interests & Hobbies Technology, DIY, Petrol Head
Likes Rugby, F1, Family Time
Dislikes Politics, Being Rained On
Special Moves Keep Calm and Do your Best

Mark Ballester
Mark Ballester
Interests & Hobbies F1, NFL & badminton
Likes Eating out & going to the Cinema
Dislikes Cheese
Special Moves Solve a Rubik's Cube in under 60 seconds!

Jay Donovan
Jay Donovan
Interests & Hobbies Airsoft, Gaming & Cycling
Likes Aircraft, Motorcycles & Metal Music
Dislikes Apple Products & Printers
Special Moves Best Warthunder pilot at PEL

Nathan Fuller
Interests & Hobbies Gym and Hockey
Likes Sports
Dislikes My current display photo
Special Moves Dragflick

Oliver Staines
Interests & Hobbies Pool and Farming
Likes Arsenal
Special Moves Can make a decent beans on toast

Rhys Lane
Interests & Hobbies Gaming and Meeting friends
Likes Kebabs for breakfast
Dislikes Rude people
Special Moves Cranking 90's

Sam Watts
Interests & Hobbies Live Music
Likes Guitars
Dislikes Rap Music
Special Moves "New album dropping soon"

Samuel Hall
Interests & Hobbies Gaming and Cycling
Likes Small form-factor computers
Dislikes Poor cable management
Special Moves Being in at 8:30am

Steve Newman
Steve Newman
Interests & Hobbies Photography and Leicester City FC
Likes Getting out and about
Dislikes Reality TV
Special Moves Guinness world record holder

Thomas Morris
The Young Gun
Interests & Hobbies Sport & Tech
Likes Challenges & socialising
Dislikes Slow walkers and teachers that clean the interactive board but sloppily leave a mark or two
Special Moves Best CSGO player at PEL

Matt Gault
Matt G
Interests & Hobbies VR, YouTube & listening to music
Likes Classic rock music & food
Dislikes People being hypocritical
Special Moves Tidying the IT office

Indre Staniute
Service Desk Analyst
Troubleshooting Wizard
Interests & Hobbies Music & Traveling
Likes Food
Dislikes Politics
Special Moves Multitasking

Phil Curran
Interests & Hobbies Off-road MTB, Watching sports
Likes Eating Out
Dislikes Hangovers
Special Moves Moonwalk

Farhan Naqib
Farhan Naqib
Interests & Hobbies Gaming & Sport
Likes F1
Dislikes Rain
Special Moves Rainbow Flick

Mackenzie Fyfe
Interests & Hobbies Coding, Car Mechanics & Music
Likes Mitsubishi Evo X's and patchwork jeans
Dislikes Printers and untidy network cabinets
Special Moves Linux

Ashley Witter
Ashley Witter
Interests & Hobbies Music, travelling, Gym
Likes Trainers, Football and Arsenal
Dislikes Peanuts, Brussel sprouts, Cold weather
Special Moves Fixing Chromebook keys

Joel Holmes
Joel Holmes
Interests & Hobbies Cars and Bikes
Likes Motocross and MotoGP
Dislikes Printers
Special Moves Replacing keyboards